Effectively remove carpet stains


A carpet has to withstand quite a lot in everyday life. A thoughtless hand movement and the coffee cup or the red wine glass is tipped over and the beloved dream carpet seems to be ruined. Expensive carpet cleaning is usually not necessary. Below you will find effective tips and tricks on how to remove ugly stains from your favorite item.


Treat carpet stains as soon as possible

When removing stains, it is important to react as quickly as possible. If the stain is older and has already penetrated deep into the carpet fibers, only chemical cleaning agents can often help. Such agents are usually very aggressive and can permanently attack the color of the carpet. Liquids and dirt should always be wiped up immediately with an absorbent cloth or household paper. But: never rub! Gently dabbing will prevent the stain from working further into the carpet. Solid residues should be removed as completely as possible with a spoon or the back of a knife.

In the following, we will tell you how you can use simple home remedies to gently remove stains from your favorite carpet. Nevertheless, you should always try the methods we have presented on an inconspicuous area first to avoid any discoloration caused by the stain removal. When cleaning, you should also dab the stain from the outside in, not rubbing, i.e. from the edge to the middle.n.


The best home remedies for carpet stains Mineral water and baking sodar

Two home remedies that we almost always have in the house and that can help with all kinds of stains are mineral water and conventional baking soda. The carbonic acid in the mineral water loosens the fabric and thus loosens the stain, which can be dabbed or twisted out after spraying.n.

If mineral water doesn't help, you can use a toothbrush to put some baking soda on the stain. After a short exposure time, this can be removed again with a vacuum cleaner.


Removing the classic red wine and coffee from the carpetn

Immediate treatment is the be-all and end-all for red wine stains. The traditional method helps here. To soak up the red wine, you can sprinkle the stain with salt or baking soda. But be careful: salt should only be used with cotton or synthetic fibers. On wool and silk, salt causes color and fiber damage, so on natural fibers it is better to treat the stain with lemon juice instead. Then dab the stain out of the carpet with mineral water or detergent foam.

A combination of mineral water and washing-up liquid, which you can use to dab the stain, is particularly effective for coffee stains. Gall soap or alcohol can help with coffee stains that have already dried. These agents should also be carefully dabbed onto the stain and washed off with a little water after a short exposure time. Baking powder works well too.


Miracle cure for food stains: lemon juice

Lemon juice helps against most food stains. The following dirt in the carpet can be effectively treated with this wonder weapon:


  • Coffee, tea and Coca-Cola
  • Beer, liqueur and long drinks
  • fruit and fruit juices
  • Mustard, ketchup and tomato sauce
  • Sauces such as curry, chilli, soy and maggi


To remove carpet stains, first sprinkle lemon juice on the affected area. After a short exposure time of no more than one hour, gently dab the stain. Then repeat the dabbing process with mineral water or some washing-up liquid or detergent foam.

In the case of very stubborn stains, which can no longer be completely removed with lemon juice, you can also spread some quark on the area (let it work for about 4-5 hours). Then dab as usual and then dab again with mineral water or detergent foam.


Oil and greasy stains in the carpet

A method similar to that used for food is used for oil or greasy dirt on your favorite carpet. To do this, however, mix the lemon juice with some alcohol (from the pharmacy). To work on the affected area in the carpet, first wet it with this mixture. The stain is then dabbed off again and treated with mineral water or detergent foam. This method can be used for the following soiling:


  • cocoa, milk and milk products
  • Make-up, lipstick and creams
  • Fats, oils and also car oil
  • mayonnaise
  • furniture polish
  • grass

Special cases in carpet cleaning

Finally, we would like to give you a few cleaning tips for special stains. This includes:


  • Blood, egg and yolk: It is imperative that these stains are always treated cold. To do this, first spray the stain with carbonated mineral water. Then dab the stain carefully.
  • Resin: Resin can be dissolved with turpentine. Then treat with mineral water and detergent foam.
  • Chocolate and Chewing Gum: The best way to remove chewing gum or chocolate from the carpet is to get an icing spray from the pharmacy. You can spray the chewing gum with it. Alternatively, you can also work with cold packs or a bag of ice cubes. Then you can crumble the iced parts with a hammer or a similar utensil. Afterwards, the remains can be carefully removed or brushed out with a spoon or toothbrush, or removed with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Lacquer (solvent-soluble): Paint is best dabbed with universal thinner.
  • Rust and Ink: Pre-treat with rust remover or with a warm 5% clover salt solution (oxalic acid) and then dab with mineral water or detergent foam.
  • shoe polish: Lift off solids with the back of a knife or spoon. Dab the remaining residue with alcohol and then dab the treated stain again with detergent foam or sparkling water.
  • Tar: Carefully remove tar with a spoon, then brush the stain with butter or glycerine and leave for about 8 hours. Puncture with alcohol, petroleum spirit or white spirit and then dab with mineral water or detergent foam.
  • Wax: With wax, it has proven useful to iron it out with a layer of conventional blotting paper. Do not set the iron too hot. This applies above all to synthetic fibers and wool, as the fibers could otherwise become matted. The remains can be dabbed off with a spoon or with spirit and a fleece cloth.n.
  • Ballpoint pens and wax crayons: dabbing with white spirit helps here. Ballpoint pen marks can be dissolved with warm lemon juice. Then it is treated again with mineral water and/or detergent foam.


We hope that with these tips you have been able to effectively remove unsightly dirt from your favorite carpet so that you can continue to enjoy your carpet in the future. In our blog article«3 tips for proper carpet care» we have also put together tips and tricks for general carpet care.