Exquisite, luxurious and high quality carpets

Pierre Cardin is one the world's most popular Brands for exclusive carpets. Since the 1960s, Pierre Cardin, the brand's creator and namesake, has been known for his innovative and timeless designs .The French designer brand embodied best quality with a touch of luxury. The high-quality carpets by Pierre Cardin impress with their soft pile, their easy care, their high Durability and their insensitivity to dirt. They offer both trendy vintage look as well as in timeless oriental design a classy touch and give every room a luxurious effect. With a wide selection of colors and patterns, the carpets adapt perfectly to individual preferences and the existing interior. Each Pierre Cardin carpet comes with the largest Crafted with care and attention to detailto meet the highest demands. Invest in a Pierre Cardin rug and experience timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship in your home.

Pierre Cardin Designer Rug"Vendome Vintage"

CHF 419.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Trocadero Modern"

CHF 249.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Paris Ornamentation"

CHF 139.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet “Paris Border”

CHF 139.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Pablo Terra"

CHF 109.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Pablo Vintage"

CHF 189.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Orsay"

CHF 259.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Louvre"

CHF 139.00

Pierre Cardin Designer Carpet"Paris"

CHF 86.00

Pierre Cardin designer rug"Elysee"

CHF 199.00

Pierre Cardin designer carpet"Concorde"

CHF 229.00