Terms of Use

§ 1 User Consent

1.1 By accessing the website(s) (hereinafter website(s),», «Carpeteria website» or «Carpeteria online shop» called) declare (hereinafter «user» of the Carpeteria online shop) to have understood the following legal conditions and technical information and to accept them.en.

1.2 Any new features or tools added to the current Carpeteria online shop will also be subject to these Terms of Use. Any special agreements on individual products and/or services in the Carpeteria online shop are in addition to these conditions (see General Terms and Conditions (GTC), available on the Carpeteria website).).

1.3 If you, as a user of this website, do not agree to the following terms of use, please exit the Carpeteria website or the Carpeteria online shop.


§ 2 Users of the Carpeteria website

The Carpeteria website is primarily aimed at end customers (natural persons; referred to as users).t Residence in Switzerland or Liechtenstein..


§ 3 Website Operators and Host Providers

The Carpeteria website is operated by Coplax AG (hereinafter «website operator» or «Coplax AG» called) operated. This website serves to provide information about the products and services offered in the Carpeteria online shop. The Carpeteria online shop is run by Shopify Inc. hosted. (hereinafter «host provider» ; see under <https://www.shopify.de>). The host provider makes the online e-commerce platform available to the website operator, which enables Coplax AG to sell its products and services to interested users..


§  4 Disclaimer to Users

4.1 The content of the Carpeteria website was created with the greatest possible care and to the best of our conscience. The information published on the Carpeteria website is provided by the website operator solely for personal use and for informational purposes. However, Coplax AG assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to the correctness, accuracy, topicality, reliability and completeness of the information provided on the Carpeteria website.ite.

4.2 The website operator excludes all liability for loss or damage of any kind, be it direct, indirect or consequential damage, which should result from the use or access to the Carpeteria website or from links to third-party websites. The website operator does not guarantee that the individual parts of its website will function correctly. In addition, the website operator rejects any liability for manipulation of the website user's IT system by unauthorized persons. The website operator expressly points out the danger of viruses and the possibility of targeted hacking attacks. To combat viruses, we recommend using current browser versions and installing continuously updated anti-virus software. You should generally avoid opening e-mails of unknown origin and unexpected attachments to an e-mail.tet werden.

4.3 Liability claims against the website operator for material or immaterial damage of any kind arising from access to, use or non-use of the published information, misuse of the connection or technical faults are explicitly excluded.n.

4.4 The website operator also explicitly excludes any liability claims or claims for damages from users of the Carpeteria website who have their permanent place of residence outside of Switzerland or Liechtenstein.s.

4.5 The website operator expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the website or the entire offer without prior notice at regular or irregular intervals or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.len.


§  5 Liability for external references and links

Any references and links to third-party websites are outside the area of responsibility of the website operator. Any responsibility and liability for such websites is rejected. Access and use of such websites is at the user's own risk.n.


§  6 Data Security

In the case of electronic contact or communication, for example by means of e-mails, data is generally transported via an open network accessible to everyone, whereby the data can be transmitted uncontrolled across borders with the result that neither a confidential nor a secure type of data transmission is guaranteed. In this context, the website operator expressly points out the risk of viruses, hacker attacks and manipulation by unauthorized persons. Disruptions, misuse and conclusions about an existing or future business relationship by third parties can therefore not be ruled out.en. The website operator assumes no liability in this regardg and recommends, for security reasons, to use the contact form on the secure Carpeteria website for communications and inquiries. The data in the contact form as well as all information provided when completing the ordering process (by clicking the Buy button) are sent in encrypted form.andt.


§  7 Copyrights

The copyright and all other rights to the content, design, text, graphics, illustrations, photos or other files on the Carpeteria website belong exclusively to the website operator or the specifically named rights holders. Saving or printing out individual pages and/or sections of the Carpeteria website is only permitted if the source is fully cited. By saving or otherwise duplicating software or other data on the Carpeteria website, the respective terms of use are deemed to have been accepted. All property rights remain with Coplax AG. The (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the Carpeteria website is only permitted with the express written consent of the website operator. In particular, the use of tools that systematically and automatically call up, index and/or transmit content from the Carpeteria website (e.g. so-called spiders, crawlers and other automated tools) is also prohibited. The website operator expressly reserves the right to take action against those responsible, namely to demand compensation.er­langen.


§  8 Cookies/Tracking and Other Technologies

8.1 The host provider uses  Google Analytics on the Carpeteria websites to improve the online tools and to check for risk and fraud in the Carpeteria online shop and to promote the marketing and sales strategies of the website operator (see Shopify Privacy Policy , available at <https://www.shopify.de/legal/datenschutz>). The use of Google AdWords conversion tracking, Google Remarking (retargeting technology), other statistical services, social media plug-ins or integrated services such as jQuery.com or Google reCAPTCHA are also possible and over which the website operator has no influence. If you, as a user of the Carpeteria website, do not agree to this, there is the option on the Carpeteria website to deactivate tracking for marketing purposes by clicking on theer Opt-in or opt-out options exclude or leave the Carpeteria online shop.

8.2 The host provider typically uses cookies on the Carpeteria websites to present targeted ads from Google, Facebook, Bing, SourceKnowledge and other third parties and with which the user's browser or device can be identified. However, the user can set their browser in such a way that it rejects cookies, only saves them for one session or otherwise deletes them prematurely. Most browsers are preset to accept cookies (see detailed explanation of cookies in theder Coplax AG data protection declaration , available on the Carpeteria website). In addition, by clicking on the opt-in respectively Opt-Out Options In the Carpeteria online shop, you have the option of only allowing those cookies that are technically necessary for the use and proper functioning of the Carpeteria website..

8.3 By confirming the cookie button or by clicking on the user-controlled opt-in/opt-out options as a user of the Carpeteria online shop, you agree to the terms of usein or you agree to the use of this technology. If you do not want this, you must set your browser or your e-mail program accordingly or exit the Carpeteria online shop.n.


§  9 Modification of Terms of Use

Coplax AG reserves the right to amend the present legal information on the use of the Carpeteria website at any time without prior notice. The current version published on the Carpeteria website applies.


§  10 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Access to the websites of the Carpeteria online shop as well as the applicable (usage) conditions and legal notices are subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Schwyz.z.


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