Carpeteria"Essenza"indoor and outdoor carpet

CHF 89.90

Carpeteria “Lineo” indoor and outdoor carpet

CHF 139.00

Carpeteria carpet runner"Decora Kitchen"

CHF 59.00

Designer rug"Greta 808"

CHF 69.00

Vintage rug"Greta 807"

CHF 69.00

Carpeteria"Portofino"indoor and outdoor carpet

CHF 149.00

Carpeteria"Fenix"indoor and outdoor carpet runner

CHF 59.95

Carpeteria indoor and outdoor carpet"Grace"

CHF 149.00

Carpeteria wool carpet"Lana Blue"

CHF 159.00

Carpeteria"Grace"indoor and outdoor carpet

CHF 69.90

Carpeteria faux fur rug"Toledo"

CHF 99.00 CHF 120.00

Carpeteria Persian carpet"Vintage Multi"

CHF 206.00

Carpeteria vintage carpet"Theme"

CHF 299.00

Carpeteria"Sunset"indoor and outdoor carpet

CHF 99.00

Carpeteria Indoor and outdoor carpet runner"Star"Henry

CHF 56.00